Amenities at Les Bois du Châtelas campsite

During your stay, Les Bois du Châtelas campsite offers a wide range of amenities to make your life easier. Restaurant, attentive reception, wellness center… You will find everything that you need.

  • Grocery store on-site
  • Dining at the campsite
  • Relaxation area

Enjoy our wellness area at our campsite in the Drôme

Stay at Les Bois du Châtelas campsite and treat yourself to an enchanting trip. We have everything you need to fully relax. Do you want to relax, feel good and enjoy your camping trip?

Our wellness area has a hammam, jacuzzi and sauna so you can relax and recharge.

If you prefer to relax in privacy, choose one of our mobile homes with private SPA for the holiday of your dreams. After a hike or at nightfall, dive into the relaxing bubbles of your private SPA for a unique experience. You’re guaranteed to relax and escape!

Treat yourself at our restaurant Les Bois du Châtelas

Don’t feel like cooking during your camping trip? Or do you have something to celebrate?

We have good news! Our restaurant bar has a large panoramic room spanning 180 m² overlooking the water park, where you can enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by your loved ones. Enjoy the Provence sun and mild evenings during the summer as you sit at one of the two large outdoor patios. Another opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the campsite.

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You can also order food to go from the campsite restaurant. This way, you can enjoy the restaurant’s fine cuisine from the comfort of your own home, in peace and quiet with your family.

Amenities and shops at the campsite for a comfortable holiday

Enjoy a relaxing, comfortable stay at Les Bois du Châtelas with our many amenities.

Our campsite in Bourdeaux makes your life easier. Wifi is available in mobile homes and pitches. Read your favorite magazines at our newsstand. You can get groceries, at the campsite grocery store and buy fresh bread and pastries.

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You can dine at the restaurant or pizzeria, located near the water park, and enjoy a meal with your family. We also have a laundry room, very useful for washing clothes during your holiday. Finally, for family outings around the campsite, you can rent mountain bikes!

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